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Proscia — Branding / Web design

Project: Branding / Web design

Industry: Digital Pathology

Client: Proscia

Categories: BrandingCopy Strategy and CreationIdentityPositioningWeb Design

Live Site:

When digital pathology startup Proscia showed off its groundbreaking informatics technology to select experts, they took notice. The brilliant gang of 20-somethings had a killer product and a vision to help cure cancer… but they didn’t have a compelling way to tell that story. FVM worked with Proscia to define its message, refine its look, and give potential investors a reason to believe in its dream.

Revolutionizing digital medicine, organizing the world’s pathology information, curing cancer — there was no shortage of incredible things Proscia could say. But they needed structure around those messages to be consistent and clear to various investors, medical and research communities, and the wider public.


We created an authentic brand position and messaging framework to organize them from the loftiest vision—advancing medicine—to the everyday benefits of storing, analyzing, and collaborating over biopsy slides.


With clear and compelling messaging in-hand to guide us, we took a fresh look at the Proscia website, combing through the UX with the aim of creating a smoother, more intuitive path for visitors seeking to understand.


To optimize the existing visual brand, we refined the logo and created new guidelines around type, color palette, and imagery.


In order to maximize the impact on possible prospects, the entire Proscia story was reflowed to explain the company’s complex product and drive visitors to meaningful action.

We constructed a narrative flow to the site, allowing a diverse audience to engage with Proscia in a more intuitive way. The ultimate goals of curing cancer are still there, but are now interwoven into the brand story so users can extrapolate for themselves what this technology could mean for the future of oncology. Finally, we helped Proscia to define and position their product as a service, creating a strong selling platform for them to build upon.