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FVM is a fully-integrated marketing agency

Helping B2B brands inspire, engage and thrive since 1987.

At FVM, we live by a few simple beliefs. We listen to our clients, because they know their business best. We ask questions to get under the skin of objectives. We think holistically, because no marketing challenge is an island. And we enjoy the process, because that makes all the difference.


We take no credit for how our people became who they are. We do, however, gladly accept praise for recognizing brilliance, passion, skill and personality when we see it.

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We work with people who embrace our philosophy and passion for fresh, intelligent solutions. Our clients usually hang around for a very long time. We like them. They like us. And we all love the results—year after year.

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Does your B2B brand have personality?

by Emma O'Brien

If your organization magically transformed into a person, what would he or she be like? Would they be the kind of person you’d like to go out for coffee with? Would they be helpful or interesting? Would you trust the things they said?

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FVM Friday Factoids: Andy Sproule!

by Tom O'Brien

Welcome to our new regular feature! FFF asks all the questions you didn’t need to know the answers to, one FVMer at a time. First up, our Production Manager, Andy. He’s the current FVM foosball champion, the tallest man in advertising (by the height of his hair) and a collector of nice shoes. One man. Seven questions. Go!

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Spark of Design: I know your type

by Russell Falk

Can you instantly spot the difference between Helvetica and Arial? Do you know your transitional serifs from your didones? Do you feel a slight twinge of pain when someone says “font” instead of “typeface”? If the answer’s no, then you probably work in client services. But to designers, this stuff’s important. Type is vital in grabbing and retaining reader attention, and reinforces the meaning of text. So here’s some hot new type as part of our new regular Spark series – providing industry inspiration and insight from FVMers.

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