If there’s a status quo at FVM, it’s forward momentum. Here’s our take on what’s going on in the industry… and what’s new around the office.

Show case studies on:

Clery Center

Brand image that builds on legacy

Clery Center’s reputation was built on history, so they needed a strategy and image that could create awareness — without leaving behind existing brand value.


Higher Education


Brand strategy for a digital pathology start-up

Proscia had a breakthrough technology, but needed an evolved brand identity and new storytelling to convey how its AI was changing digital pathology.


Digital Pathology


Bringing out a more human brand identity

With this rebranding project, FVM created a brand identity for Univar that explained its value proposition — and reached a new audience.


Specialty Chemical


New brand identity, new value proposition

FVM’s new brand strategy and awareness campaign differentiated Archer, growing the company’s value against technology/SAAS competitors.


Investment Management

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