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FVM wins two W3 Awards for web excellence

By Karen Murphy - October 26, 2017

FVM wins two Silver W3 Awards for web excellence on behalf of digital pathology start-up Proscia and campus safety non-profit Clery Center

10 Easter eggs hidden in classic media

By Karen Murphy - March 3, 2016

Hidden Easter eggs are fun, but these playful interactions also show personality, make deep connections, and build brand loyalty. Here are 10 of the classics.

Scream SEO without losing your voice

By Karen Murphy - January 28, 2016

SEO and brand can live in harmony. Here, we outline some areas to focus your SEO efforts without weakening your brand and losing your voice

Google Farm and the laws of Searchism

By Karen Murphy - July 8, 2015

Searchism is about accepting truth, adapting techniques with changing rules, and embracing Google’s ever-evolving algorithms in the pursuit of SEO excellence.

The Internet of Things

By Karen Murphy - February 9, 2015

The Internet of Things promises a wealth of user data for B2B marketers. Here we look at the prospects, the reality, and the challenges ahead.

Getting sentimental with interactive video

By Karen Murphy - January 11, 2015

It’s not enough to be the visual alternative to boring text anymore, video has to engage & hook you in. Enter Rapt Media, interactive video & brand sentiment!

The “Forgotten Few”: 3 key elements to video marketing ROI

By Karen Murphy - October 30, 2014

Good design is wonderful, but without implementing these 3 key elements, your video marketing will not deliver the ROI you (or your client) are looking for

Cross-browser testing: how to live with Internet Explorer

By Karen Murphy - October 24, 2014

Cross-browser testing: the solution on how to live with Internet Explorer

Some humbling stats about banner ads

By Karen Murphy - August 7, 2014

Banner ads aren’t about CTRs; they’re about awareness. What’s important is that digital ads are targeted and seen; that's what makes them effective in B2B.

User experience and the iPhone

By Karen Murphy - May 9, 2014

I have a little secret to admit.