Transforming a newsletter into a marketing machine

Univar | Specialty Chemical Distribution

Client: Univar Environmental Sciences
Industry: Specialty Chemical
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Univar wanted to update its print newsletter Connectivity to help improve brand reach and increase revenue in one strategic move. The solution? A reimagined, 20-page digital magazine leveraging the knowledge and resources that make Univar an industry-leading supplier. The award-winning concept became a publication that generates user-behavior analytics, draws manufacturer revenue, and supports Univar’s massive sales force.

As the industry leader, Univar prides itself in offering a wealth of resources to pest management professionals (PMPs), including purchasing advice, safety information, and continuing education. With such a hungry, dedicated audience, the company needed to offer more than just your standard e-newsletter.

Packed with news, pest and product features, and helpful business tips, the new Connectivity strengthened Univar’s brand position as thought-leaders. It also provided Univar with an opportunity to tell its own story and showcase its people, reflecting the company’s friendly, inclusive culture, and reinforcing its values.

Connectivity quickly became the kingpin of Univar’s inbound marketing. Readership rapidly increased, and demand for Univar’s products and services steadily grew as a direct result.

FVM ensured that Univar would have the ability to analyze, optimize, and report on any element of Connectivity’s performance. Together with more striking editorial design, and easy online usability, the magazine continues to drive revenue for Univar by attracting partners, advertisers, and sponsors.

The publication—produced entirely in-house at FVM—has proven so successful that Univar has rolled out Connectivity titles across its US Pest, Canada Pest, Vegetation Management, Agriculture and Public Health business units.

And, while certainly not necessary for a successful project, Connectivity has garnered awards following its drastic refresh. So in addition to happy readers, happy partners, and a happy client, FVM is proud to have delivered external recognition.

“We challenged FVM to develop a way for us to raise the bar in how we engage our customers. We needed to find newer technologies for us to deliver important messaging and content. In turn, FVM created Connectivity as we know it today — a very strong interactive e-zine that is enriched with industry-specific content and engaging photos, while offering a strong platform for our key partners to advertise within.”

– Karl Kisner, VP of Marketing, Univar Agriculture & Environmental Sciences.

Awards Won:
WMA IAC Award 2014 ~ Best Online Newsletter Campaign //
Davey Awards 2014 ~ Best Newsletter // CMA 2014 ~ Best Design, New Publication //