Scalable positioning for a shifting business model

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Project Risk Analytics offers enterprise project management and consulting services to some of the world’s biggest real estate and design construction companies. With the release of a new software product that further stabilizes and streamlines major projects, Project Risk Analytics hired FVM to create an authentic brand position and identity that would support its new business model and allow the company to scale.

The company needed to clarify the relationship between its people, services, and product. After research and discovery — and renaming to PRA — we positioned the company around its key differentiator: a proprietary risk assessment methodology that guides project managers through critical junctures and gives owners the oversight they need to understand and repeat their successes.

To help the company differentiate itself and create the space needed for scale, emphasis would shift away from PRA’s founders and towards its services and companywide expertise. The brand would also incorporate Stepflo: a new software product that embodied PRA’s novel methodology.

FVM created a graphic ID that reflected the company’s modern and minimalist ethos and allowed client work to take center stage.

A website redesign built a more powerful platform that effectively illustrated and delivered PRA’s methodology while also showcasing its many successful project outcomes. And a clear and unique narrative, complete with messaging mapped to individual target audiences, now support PRA’s marketing and sales momentum.