Raising the brand standard

PRC | Perinatal Medicine

Client: Perinatal Research Consortium
Industry: Perinatal Medicine
Live Site: http://perinatalresearchconsortium.org

The Perinatal Research Consortium (PRC) is a not-for-profit, integrated system of nine centers carrying out large-scale research in perinatal and women’s health. Recently formed, PRC needed to create a brand presence to build and maintain credibility as it grew membership and developed its program. We crafted a strong visual brand including logo, typeface and color palette; a tagline and value proposition; and then translated the brand into a new website to support PRC in their important work.

Brand identity carries more weight than usual when your client’s work directly affects human lives, so we had a lot to live up to. The logo references an egg in utero, surrounded by dynamic brushstrokes that convey life and human artistry.

Our take on PRC’s website brought clarity to the organization’s mission and values. It positioned the organization to potential sponsors as more than just a collection of individual sites working together incidentally. Rather, we demonstrated PRC is an integrated, collaborative system that both develops and performs the highest quality large-scale research in perinatal and women’s health.

“When National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant reviewers questioned if the PRC really existed because we didn’t have a website, it hurt. Enter FVM. From the start to finish, the team dug deep to get to know us; asking all the right questions and listening closely to our needs and wants. They helped us decipher our brand, created a unique logo, and developed a top-notch website that we proudly link to in all our subsequent NIH grant applications. FVM is the total package, and their dedication, vision and quality work made the PRC the total package too.”

– Hillary Tubin, Program Manager, Perinatal Research Consortium.