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When the nation’s municipal and county governments want to expand revenue without raising taxes, they’ve historically turned to trusted regional companies for help discovering and recovering funds. So when four of the largest revenue enhancement organizations merged in 2017, their leaders turned to FVM to build and launch a complete brand identity that could start conversations on a national scale without leaving existing customers behind.

When we first sat down with our clients, they were going by the placeholder name Government Revenue Solutions. GRS was looking for a better name — and a more polished brand — on an aggressive timeline. They tasked FVM with positioning, naming, a new logo, visual identity, website design and development, as well as supporting video and text content, all within the second half of the year.

We dove headfirst into reconciling the identities of the four unique companies that made up GRS. Each served a different geographical area, with different service focuses. They also served a broad range of audiences — from officials working in small towns to city and county leadership of major metropolitan areas.

FVM focused GRS’ positioning on what they accomplished for every client: finding and claiming untapped revenue. We also created a messaging spectrum that aligned GRS’ offerings to audience types. For smaller municipalities, that meant local operational support and services that could be operated on contingency. For big cities with more robust infrastructure, GRS would be positioned on its ability to organize, audit, and summarize data to identify patterns of missing revenue.

Throughout the discovery and positioning process, we met with GRS’s leadership — and learned about what they wanted GRS’ new name to convey. We needed to reach something distinct and memorable; a name that would reflect the company’s history of creating opportunity. We also had to make sure whatever we landed on would appeal to taxpayers meeting company reps for the first time. After churning through dozens of ideas, we landed on Avenu Insights & Analytics. It had an “Everytown, USA” feel and (most importantly) the client loved how inclusive and relatable the name was.

Bringing Avenu to life meant creating a visual identity that communicated opportunity, transparency, and support for government leaders evaluating a potential partner in revenue administration. A bold, simple wordmark demonstrated strength. We paired it with a striking ‘A’ monogram that simultaneously evoked an open passage, a way forward, and an upward trajectory.

As FVM’s creative team worked on concepts for Avenu’s website, case studies, and collateral, we explored visual elements and motifs that carried the same spirit. Powerful shades of red, white, and blue were established into the palette early on, set beside and around sweeping photography of city limits that felt both relatable and ideal. Playing off the brand mark, we used sharp angles to create dynamic design boundaries.

To help explain Avenu’s broad array of technologies and services, we crafted a custom icon set. Many of the company’s offerings are complex — especially for governments used to handling everything in-house — so we had to distill top-level features and benefits into shapes that would be both recognizable and meaningful. To add depth and flavor, we used hatch shading similar to that found on American bills. The result? A service offering that comes across as helpful, digestible, and accessible.

With Avenu’s website, functionality was a top priority. Hundreds of thousands of taxpaying businesses, and thousands of government clients, would depend on Avenu’s web portals to pay and collect fees. We faced the challenge that some of the company’s software was still operating from the websites of GRS’ component companies.

FVM’s developers worked closely with our clients’ business and technology teams to create a user experience that clearly guided client, prospect, and business audiences to the right pages. From there, we ensured government and taxpayer users could access every service seamlessly.

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For visitors who wanted to quickly understand Avenu’s services and the value they offer to governments of varying size, we created a brief explainer video featuring custom motion graphics and slice-of-life imagery in keeping with the brand’s photographic approach.

Avenu launched ceremoniously in January 2018 — earning approval from a newly-combined workforce, a warm welcome from existing clients and users, and record-breaking LinkedIn connection requestsNow, guided by an integrated marketing plan, Avenu is raising awareness of the brand, increasing its nationwide reach, and generating leads.