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Industry: Investment Management
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Market Street Advisors had a lot to be excited about. They had unique industry-leading software and some huge clients, but needed a new brand to help usher them into the big league. After extensive research and exploration, we renamed them “Archer” and articulated a compelling value proposition that made their unique offering powerfully clear. Then we brought it to life with a visual identity and a marketing strategy that is driving new growth for Archer.

Strategy is rooted in research, so we kicked things off by interviewing stakeholders and customers to answer an overarching question:

“What makes these guys different?”

The answer is “a lot!” We knew the company had what it takes to own a unique position in the market.

We distilled their personality into three traits — bold, simple, and approachable — which reflected their people, and why clients loved working with them.

And after discovering the biggest benefit to customers was the company’s multi-channel, single platform software offering fully scalable growth potential, we created a value proposition to shout about it.

Now we needed an equally powerful name. We led a naming workshop with the executive team, inspiring them to associate their brand with the unexpected, from horses to blockbuster movies. The name Archer evokes the company’s focus, efficiency and people.

Aware of the conventional and conservative visual branding that dominated the industry, we took a different route. The bold, type-driven logo provides a modern flair and tells its own story — always ready with a drawn arrow and central target — meanwhile the bright, gradated color complements Archer’s friendly and dynamic personality.

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From there, we designed the patterns, icons, illustrations, and other visual elements to echo the brand’s full personality, partnered with a straightforward tone of voice and a bold, energetic color palette.

The website we built focused on Archer’s different audience “personas” in line with the business channels it serves. It helps users find what they came to the site for quickly and easily — surfacing the most relevant solutions for them. And with Outsourcing Services being a key driver for future growth, the digital narrative we developed shared this offering across the site.

The site also serves Archer’s desire to create an outlet for smart thinking, as they embark on thought-leadership and serious content creation for the first time.

“I have never been more excited about anything in my professional career like I am about this initiative. I’m super proud of everything you all have created – it represents who Archer is and effectively communicates our value proposition and differentiation in the market.”

-Bryan Dori, Archer CEO.

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W3 Awards 2015 ~ Best Website, Financial Services //