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Developing internal culture, while launching an external brand

By Paul Fleming - March 8, 2017

Developing internal culture while launching an external brand. NCEA article on how the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, The Pacific Institute, and FVM built AOPS.

Pleasure in the Job

By Paul Fleming - December 20, 2013

I recently visited the hallowed ground of Gettysburg to sustain my lifelong interest in the Civil War, and that historic battle in particular.

Introducing Our Newest Client… Us!

By Paul Fleming - November 5, 2013

Many of us have shared the old saying, “the son of the shoemaker has no shoes” (“the cobbler’s children go unshod” for those purists out there).

This word is killing your grade

By Paul Fleming - October 8, 2013

The word was “occurred.” Even today, I hesitate as I carefully consider its correct spelling.