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Scream SEO without losing your voice

By Jordy Pickel - January 28, 2016

SEO and brand can live in harmony. Here, we outline some areas to focus your SEO efforts without weakening your brand and losing your voice

Cross-browser testing: how to live with Internet Explorer

By Jordy Pickel - October 24, 2014

Cross-browser testing: the solution on how to live with Internet Explorer

User experience and the iPhone

By Jordy Pickel - May 9, 2014

I have a little secret to admit.

Brand strategy: web design that takes a bird’s-eye-view

By Jordy Pickel - March 18, 2014

Tackling digital projects requires taking a birds-eye-view of the whole brand strategy. Taking a holistic approach ensures achieving success in the long-term

Giving Company Materials a Little Spice for the Holidays

By Jordy Pickel - December 20, 2013

Government-required informational videos can be something that enhances your brand, and not just a checkmark on the “must have” list.

FVM: Cruciverbalists At Large

By Jordy Pickel - November 26, 2013

Here's a holiday themed crossword puzzle for Thanksgiving, brought to you by FVM Strategic Communications.

Understanding responsive design

By Jordy Pickel - September 17, 2013

When a client asks us to design a new website, they almost always include a caveat for creating an additional template specific to mobile phones.

Attention all browsers: Testing websites in all conditions

By Jordy Pickel - August 29, 2013

Designers all too often understand the frustration of having so many web browsers.

Using full-bleed photography to make websites pop

By Jordy Pickel - August 29, 2013

This website is filled with full-bleed photography. This type of coding process allows for hi-resolution images to expand or contract to the frame’s width.