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Now Open for Rent: FVM Photo Studio

By Alex Chapin - May 24, 2019

Over the years, we’ve used our in-house studio to capture powerful photos and videos for many of our clients. But we recently realized local photographers, creatives, and businesses could also benefit from having access to a convenient, affordable shoot space.

Spreading joy with the Memory Project

By Alex Chapin - January 4, 2019

This holiday season FVM wanted to take the time to think of those in the world who are less fortunate and send some love and good cheer their way, which led us to get involved with the Memory Project.

4 market research trends shaping brand strategies

By Alex Chapin - March 8, 2018

Research is playing an increasingly larger role in brand and marketing strategy, so it’s important we stay on top of trends and new technologies.

Getting more out of your B2B focus groups

By Alex Chapin - January 17, 2018

Here are the critical steps you can take to make sure that your focus group research pays off for your B2B business

FVM named top B2B agency

By Alex Chapin - December 12, 2017

FVM named one of the leading B2B Brand Engagement agencies in the U.S.

Listening for a brand that resonates

By Alex Chapin - December 12, 2016

There's a deceptively simple solution for creating strong B2B brands: listening. Here’s how we break down the “question and answer” side of brand discovery.

Branding in the bathtub

By Alex Chapin - June 27, 2016

“This Crayola product is all about color” may not be an impressive statement — but the fact that it can go unstated and still be conveyed… that’s impressive.

FVM Friday Factoids: Alex Pickel!

By Alex Chapin - September 14, 2014

FFF gets up close and personal one FVMer at a time, just for fun. This time, Alex talks briny beverages, Mozzarella Sticks and getting pumped with Beyonce!

Keeping things ‘Real Simple’

By Alex Chapin - May 16, 2014

I love Real Simple magazine.

I love commercials

By Alex Chapin - March 26, 2014

“What do you mean you don’t have DVR?

The new to-do list

By Alex Chapin - March 24, 2014

For other positions within the agency, there always seems to be something “new” out there.

The importance of doing nothing

By Alex Chapin - March 4, 2014

I recently ran across this article on

Amazon takes the feminine approach

By Alex Chapin - February 14, 2014

It may have been named for the world’s longest river, but it should have been named for the mythological Amazon––tall, beautiful, striking, and most importantly, with a female brain.

The Modern Family, and What it Means for Advertisers

By Alex Chapin - December 2, 2013

This year, I got to make the Thanksgiving turkey.

How a starfish sparked an idea

By Alex Chapin - October 2, 2013

I was beaming.