FVM scores four new clients

By Jon Cohen | December 11, 2014

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Jon Cohen

EVP, Client Services

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Jon Cohen

EVP, Client Services

Jon is our chief strategist and resident metaphorist. Give him a complex marketing challenge and he’ll sketch out the solution, illustrated with comparisons to three-legged racing, hotdogs, and obscure TV shows — yet it all makes perfect sense. Happiest with a whiteboard and a problem to solve, Jon inspires the agency to break boundaries, create incredible work, and take every opportunity to have a good laugh.

Puzzle genre(s) mastered:client business

Preferred board length:long

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Favorite state ending in –mont:Vermont

Most comfortable around:creatives, family (not in that order)

Building on another year of sustained growth, we’re excited to have added four new clients to our roster!

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Investment management software company, Market Street Advisors; technology services provider, Arraya Solutions; and repurchase obligation software firm, ESOP Economics join an already diverse and burgeoning client list; while the Perinatal Research Consortium has signed on as a new pro bono account.

Over the past year we’ve seen more and more B2B companies recognizing a need to elevate their brands and distinguish their offerings in increasingly competitive markets. Lending our strategic and creative guidance in this way is something we love and have proven good at—so we’re looking forward to the work.