Software provider ProLease hires FVM

By Jon Cohen | November 1, 2016

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Jon Cohen

EVP, Client Services

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Jon Cohen

EVP, Client Services

Jon is our chief strategist and resident metaphorist. Give him a complex marketing challenge and he’ll sketch out the solution, illustrated with comparisons to three-legged racing, hotdogs, and obscure TV shows — yet it all makes perfect sense. Happiest with a whiteboard and a problem to solve, Jon inspires the agency to break boundaries, create incredible work, and take every opportunity to have a good laugh.

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We’re thrilled to announce that ProLease Software has become our new client.

ProLease Logo

The fast-growing Real Estate and Facility Management software company has signed on for brand positioning, visual identity, web design, and full 2017 integrated marketing strategy, as it looks to strengthen its offering and grow market share. And with over 600 clients, a much-loved product, and an excellent reputation, we can’t wait to support ProLease in taking on the competition.


ProLease is one of many great businesses we’ve been fortunate enough to add to our roster recently. Others include:

We love working with such a diverse range of B2B businesses. Finding unique ways to solve varied marketing obstacles across complex industries is what gets us up in the morning.