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By Jon Cohen | October 5, 2017

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Jon Cohen

EVP, Client Services

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Jon Cohen

EVP, Client Services

Jon is our chief strategist and resident metaphorist. Give him a complex marketing challenge and he’ll sketch out the solution, illustrated with comparisons to three-legged racing, hotdogs, and obscure TV shows — yet it all makes perfect sense. Happiest with a whiteboard and a problem to solve, Jon inspires the agency to break boundaries, create incredible work, and take every opportunity to have a good laugh.

Puzzle genre(s) mastered:client business

Preferred board length:long

# of silent H’s in name:0 (first), 1 (last)

Favorite state ending in –mont:Vermont

Most comfortable around:creatives, family (not in that order)

FVM is 30 years old! Finally, we’re mature, sensible adults. So happy birthday to us. And our big news is that we’re opening a second location in beautiful Portland, OR to expand our B2B brand and marketing offering and better serve west coast businesses.

Portland is a city with thriving tech and B2B industries, top creative talent, and without a doubt one of the best food cart scenes we’ve ever binged on. Looking right at you Nong’s. And, Portland is well connected to other major business hubs like Seattle and San Francisco. For us, the expansion is an opportunity to do more of what we’re passionate about: working with savvy clients to build and sustain standout brands. We’ll seek out companies to partner with in complex and competitive B2B industries and help position them to compete, grow, and win, just like we always have.

But apart from spreading out to the west coast, it’s business as usual. We’ll keep on keepin’ on with the same hard working, forward thinking approach that got us this far.

Here’s to the next 30 years! And welcome to the world FVM Portland.

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