How a starfish sparked an idea

By Alexandra Pickel | October 2, 2013

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Isn't she adorable?!

Isn’t she adorable?!

I was beaming. My favorite family member (don’t tell my husband), Macy, had just graduated from Puppy Kindergarten with flying colors, and she was totally into the toy I bought her for a congratulatory present. So into it, in fact, that I immediately logged on to the company’s website to hunt for more. Because, you know, her 5 ½-month birthday is just around the corner.

And there it was: “Become a Dog Toy Tester.” The deal was, sign up to receive four toys a year. Agree to write a review and you get those toys at 40% off. 40% off toys Macy loves? And I get to share stories of my puppy with the entire world? What’s not to love?

At that exact same time, our B2B client was looking to increase reviews of products on their website. The strategy was an Apple product giveaway—always a great incentive, but what about giving the actual products away at a discount in return for a review? You better believe that in the long run, it’s going to sell more product. Here’s why it works:

1. It shows customers you value their opinion, which creates loyalty.
2. It gives customers more of what they need. Sure, an iPad mini is great, but that product I was going to buy anyway? I need that.
3. The discount encourages customers to try new products—if it doesn’t work out, at least they didn’t pay full price.
4. It’s less hassle on your end. No need to run complex sweepstakes giveaways, partner with third parties, jump through legal hoops, or figure out complex rules.

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