FVM Friday Factoids: Alex Pickel!

By Alex Chapin | September 14, 2014

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Alex Chapin

Senior Account Executive

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Alexandra Chapin

Senior Account Executive

Originally from the tiny town of Berwick, PA, Alex brings a broad knowledge of marketing to support some of FVM’s biggest clients. The Drexel grad uses her razor-sharp communication and organization skills to keep messages moving and projects pushing forward. When she’s not color-coding her closet or planning her next cross-country road trip, Alex is soaking in everything Philly has to offer — one cheesesteak and Flyers game at a time.


Cheesesteak of choice: Jim’s Steaks, whiz wit

Not-so-guilty music pleasure: Dave Matthews

Natural habitat: Surrounded by fuzzy blankets, fluffy pillows, candles, and Mad Men

Pet peeves: Sunday drivers, unmade beds

Secret weapon: Homemade banana nut bread

FFF asks all the questions you didn’t need to know the answers to, one FVMer at a time. This time, our Director of Client Services, Alex. She’s the mother of Bailey dog and Macy dog, and daily asker of the question: “Guys: what are you having for dinner tonight?”
One woman. Eight questions. Go!

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1. What was the last thing you did for the first time?

I went to Vancouver and had a beer with Clamato juice in it. That’s reconstituted tomato juice and clam broth, with beer. It was a little briny and a lot salty. Make of that what you will.

2. What’s that one thing you always tell people you’re going to invent but never do?

A remote control that operates lamps so you don’t have to get up, but apparently it’s already a thing. And I still don’t have one.

3. What superficial/trivial thing could you not live without?

A white noise app on my phone.

4. If you could teach something, what would you teach?

That it isn’t as hard to cook tasty meals as people think. You just need SmittenKitchen.com, a few go-to recipes and some basic techniques.

5. What’s the one food you will never ever eat?

Mozzarella sticks. OK, there’s actually no food I would never eat, but they’re just gross.

6. What’s your biggest office pet peeve?

Meetings that are scheduled for thirty minutes and go two hours. Be realistic about how much time you need for a meeting, people!

7. What do you do when you’re not at the office?

Kickboxing, cycling, cooking, spending time with family…and checking work emails.

8. Give us a song and tell us why you choose it?

This is my pump up song: Countdown by Beyonce