World Cup ads: 10 of the best

By Tom O'Brien | June 12, 2014

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Tom O'Brien

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Tom O’Brien

Head of Business Development

Tom is FVM’s brand guardian. With global experience in editorial, PR, and marketing, he spends his days making sure people know who we are and what we’re capable of. When he isn’t guiding new business, promoting the agency, or making a cup of tea, he’s usually thinking about making another cup of tea.

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The wait is over. It’s been 1432 days. 32 teams-worth of 736 players have descended on Brazil for 64 games of soccer to determine who will take that one golden prize. World Cup 2014 will play out to a global audience of over 3.2 billion for four whole weeks, so it’s no wonder that over $2bn will be spent on TV advertising.

TV and online advertising has become a brand battleground more fiercely contested than the tournament itself, mainly centered on the head-to-head between giants Nike and Adidas. And with Brazil – forever the soccer ad’s muse – returning home, they’re in dreamland.

Cue 10 of the best World Cup adverts. Five from 2014 and five from the past, because seeing the new stuff brings nostalgia for the old. Now let the beautiful game begin!


Nike – Winner stays on

McDonald’s – GOL!

Nike – Dare to be Brazilian

Adidas – The Dream: All in or nothing

Adidas – I am brazuca


Nike – Write the future – 2010

Adidas – Jose +10 – 2006

Nike – Brazil Airport – 1998

Nike – 2002

Carlsberg – Probably the best pub team – 2006