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By Alexandra Pickel | May 16, 2014

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I love Real Simple magazine. It’s the only magazine I find myself reading cover-to-cover each month. The recipes, photos, articles, layout. It all just…works for me. I’m constantly seeing things I like, whether its a new recipe, a book to check out, a cool conversation-starter stat, or a gift for a friend’s upcoming birthday. My current method of saving these “likes” is to turn up the bottom corner of the page (since the top corner is turned down to mark my spot). I always think “oh, if I just turn up this corner, and save this magazine, I’ll remember to come back to this gift idea!”

Until I go on a cleaning spree, and recycle all those stupid magazines cluttering up my coffee table, end table, TV console, floor. Man, they pile up fast. And then, months later, on the day-of said friend’s birthday, I find myself racking my brains “WHAT was is that I saw in Real Simple that was the perfect gift for her?”

So, when they introduced new technology that allowed you to use your phone to scan and save items you like from the magazine (it was real simple: you download an app, and there is an indicator on pages that have scannable content — anything could be scannable, a scarf and where to buy it, a recipe, a book cover and title), my first thought should have been “this is the 2014 solution to my page corner turning system! Stacks of magazines no more!”

But I work at FVM.

So, instead, my first thought was, “how can my clients use this and benefit from this technology, to make their  customers’ lives real simple?”

That is what we do here — make our clients customers’ lives easier, and often that means looking for inspiration where your life has been made real simple.