A day at St. Lucy’s School

May 1, 2014

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Two weeks ago, Gina and Chelsea took a trip to St. Lucy’s School for Children with Visual Impairments and Archbishop Ryan Academy for the Deaf. The OCE asked us to redo St. Lucy’s website, and we thought some new pictures would help flesh it out. The morning of the shoot, Gina decided it would be a good idea to drag along our intern, Stephen G (pictured below), for his first onsite client work.


Stephen G, and his lime green Post-Its

Here’s his recap of the trip:

Today, Chelsea, Gina and I took a field trip to St. Lucy’s Day School for Children with Visual Impairments and Archbishop Ryan Academy for the Deaf.

The sun was shining, and we drove there ready to capture a real school day in action. When we got to St. Lucy’s we met Sister Lisa–the school’s principal–who was one of the nicest, most welcoming people I’ve ever met. She gave us a quick overview of the game plan, and pointed us in the right direction. Then we left to go explore the school.

Our first stop was the kindergarten classroom. It was almost naptime, so we had to get the pictures quickly, and our presence there definitely didn’t help the teachers who were trying to get the kids ready for bed. Seeing all of those kindergarteners laughing and running around put a smile on my face that stayed there all day.

After a while they sat down and started to work on some Easter-themed arts and crafts. It brought back some great memories for me, and it was great to see those students so content and excited with what they were doing. It definitely reminded me to lighten up and to not take things too seriously.

As we moved on through the classrooms we met more and more students who were all special and amazing in their own ways. We walked into a math class and saw students learning how to round numbers on a braillewriter, which looked even more complex than the math! At one point, one of the girls noticed Chelsea taking pictures, and introduced herself.  Her name was Melanie, and she acted as our ambassador for the rest of our time in the class.

The kids settled down for their naps, and we got a tour of all of the special equipment the school keeps to help the students learn. Next, we checked out a music class. These kids had talent! One boy, named John, could play “Don¹t Stop Believin” by Journey, and “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars, on the piano. The rest of the students joined in and began singing and playing other instruments.

Listening to the students all contribute and create this charming music was by far the best part of my day. It was so incredibly positive that it left everyone in the room with a smile. I can honestly say this field trip was awakening to me. It was a reminder to be appreciative of life no matter what you’re given. After a day like that, even the sunlight on the drive back to the office couldn’t compete with the light that the St. Lucy students had shone on us.