Top 5 reasons why working at a suburban agency is awesome

By Karen Murphy | April 24, 2014

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Karen Murphy

VP, Client Services

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Karen Murphy

VP, Client Services

After years of managing top accounts, Karen now leads the charge on strategic media planning and campaigns. One of our most studious FVMers, she devours webinars and whitepapers on a daily basis to deliver a fresh perspective on all things marketing. With three sons, a husband, and five nephews, she spends the rest of her time happily outnumbered by boys.

Hours of client research completed:whatever number comes after an octillion

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Honor-bound duties:understand client needs, finish leftovers

Only thing holding hair at bay:Aussie Sprunch spray

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It’s easy to turn your nose up at a small agency in the burbs. Living outside of the sphere of the center city “hustle and bustle,” with big tall buildings, smart-looking people zipping from place to place, trendy shops, eateries and galleries….what’s to love about the safe, predictable old suburbs?  Coming from a gal who was born and raised in the city of Philadelphia – more than you may think.

I’ve compiled a little list of pros of working at a suburban agency…and after reviewing it, I’m realizing something – it’s a pretty awesome place to be.

5. Parking. I’ve never had to worry once about getting a parking spot at work, my car getting towed for parking in the wrong zone, or paying a fee to park. (Am I always confident that my car will start? Ok maybe not. But at least I know it will be sitting there where I left it!)

 4. Beautiful landscapes. On my morning stroll into our office building (ok, brisk shuffle), especially this time of year, I am greeted with blooming trees, lovely landscaped gardens, fresh clean air, fragrant flowers….ahhh. No better way to start your workday.

3. Decent restaurant options. This might not apply for all suburban agencies, but we are fortunate enough to be located across the road from a shopping mall surrounded by a nice selection of drama-free restaurants to meet with clients, publishers, etc. Feel like some fancy pizza? Hibachi?  Smoked brisket with amazing corn bread?  We’ve got it all across the street, just walk right in.

2. Ego-free zone. Absolutely nothing against downtown agencies, and I’m just speaking from my own limited experience with our own agency folk here….but the people who work here are just, well, nice. They are not here to climb a corporate ladder or to look cool to their friends. They are here to do great work, and have fun doing it. And I don’t know, I get the sense that our unassuming suburban location might have something to do with that.

1. Geese crossings. Anyone who knows me well will likely be shocked at this one. (That’s assuming they read this blog. Let’s be honest, it’ll probably just Alex.)  Because I. Hate. Birds. However…I find it so amusing that once every few weeks, I’ll be driving around our office building, and must come to a dead screeching halt in order to allow a little pack of strutting Canadian geese to slowly cross in front of my car. How can you not laugh out loud, or at least smile, at these quirky creatures who are so completely oblivious to all of us office workers and our needs to get somewhere?  You just have to sit there while they make their way across the parking lot, sometimes honking at each other or just looking around the world around them as they strut.

So there you have it! Agree or disagree, I’ve discovered some unexpected charms with FVM’s little place in the world. For all its cons, our office location in Plymouth meeting, PA….is pretty awesome.