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By Alex Chapin | March 26, 2014

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Alex Chapin

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Alexandra Chapin

Senior Account Executive

Originally from the tiny town of Berwick, PA, Alex brings a broad knowledge of marketing to support some of FVM’s biggest clients. The Drexel grad uses her razor-sharp communication and organization skills to keep messages moving and projects pushing forward. When she’s not color-coding her closet or planning her next cross-country road trip, Alex is soaking in everything Philly has to offer — one cheesesteak and Flyers game at a time.


Cheesesteak of choice: Jim’s Steaks, whiz wit

Not-so-guilty music pleasure: Dave Matthews

Natural habitat: Surrounded by fuzzy blankets, fluffy pillows, candles, and Mad Men

Pet peeves: Sunday drivers, unmade beds

Secret weapon: Homemade banana nut bread

“What do you mean you don’t have DVR? You don’t record shows? You actually watch them live? YOU WATCH COMMERCIALS?” My friend asked, his voice rising in astonishment with each question, particular disdain put forth on that last word — “commercials?!”

A simple response from me changed the tide of the conversation all together, and it turns out, validates what we do here at FVM.

“I work in advertising. I love commercials. There are some real gems you’d miss if you only ever watched shows on DVR.”

A moment’s pause.

“You know what ad I love? The hump dayyyyy one,” he enthusiastically said.

Twenty minutes later, we were still talking about them. The commercials he so desperately avoids thanks to the DVR. Not only was he laughing and smiling about the ads themselves, but he also recalled the product, company, service being advertised. By name! And we had spent time discussing each one.

It’s why I do what I do. And it’s why I love what I do. Advertising is fun, and it works.