Brand strategy: web design that takes a bird’s-eye-view

By Jordy Pickel | March 18, 2014

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Tackling long-term objectives for digital projects can be a daunting process. Often clients devise a “hit list” of top priorities, hoping to accomplish these one-by-one and as quickly as possible. At FVM, we tend to look at overall strategic efforts with a bird’s eye approach; and it’s amazing how different the view is from above.

One of the most common project requests is a website redesign. That’s easy enough; throw together a couple of Photoshop mockups, slap together a few lines of code, and boom. Instant website, right? Not quite.

A website redesign is much more encompassing than looks and functionality. What about the user experience? How is the site’s content organized? How does a design fit with the brand strategy? What about sister websites, email campaigns, back-end content management, or email databases? Suddenly a simple project doesn’t seem so simple.

We like to take a holistic approach towards our work, and we think that it shows in the success of our clients. When one website needs a new site structure, we don’t just re-architect a new one, we make sure that model works for all of the other websites or properties a user may touch. (Think about it, there may be 30 MLB teams, but our beloved Philadelphia Phillies share a similar site architecture with those pesky Atlanta Braves.)

Looking at things with a broader scope-of-work allows us to lay the groundwork for the rest of our digital projects. What we do in redesigning a website makes its way into emails, advertisements, mobile apps, and even print materials, saving time in the long run. Call it trickle down webonomics.

When those at the bottom of the priority list are finally attended to, taking this holistic approach will save you manpower (and budget). It will also keep your properties consistent, and more familiar to the end user. And isn’t that always the goal?