Amazon takes the feminine approach

By Alex Chapin | February 14, 2014

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Alex Chapin

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Alexandra Chapin

Senior Account Executive

Originally from the tiny town of Berwick, PA, Alex brings a broad knowledge of marketing to support some of FVM’s biggest clients. The Drexel grad uses her razor-sharp communication and organization skills to keep messages moving and projects pushing forward. When she’s not color-coding her closet or planning her next cross-country road trip, Alex is soaking in everything Philly has to offer — one cheesesteak and Flyers game at a time.


Cheesesteak of choice: Jim’s Steaks, whiz wit

Not-so-guilty music pleasure: Dave Matthews

Natural habitat: Surrounded by fuzzy blankets, fluffy pillows, candles, and Mad Men

Pet peeves: Sunday drivers, unmade beds

Secret weapon: Homemade banana nut bread

It may have been named for the world’s longest river, but it should have been named for the mythological Amazon––tall, beautiful, striking, and most importantly, with a female brain.

She’s tall: her wingspan reaches from my front porch, to my living room TV, to my nightstand. Whether it’s a package arriving, Downton Abbey on the Prime channel on the Roku, or the latest dystopian society trilogy on my Kindle, this Amazon is large enough to reach every facet of my home.

She’s beautiful: have you been on the site recently? Her simple form and elegance jumps out from the minute I type in the URL all the way to when I check out. The simple navigation, beautiful photographs, and page layouts give me the information I need without having to hunt for it, and the confirmation page is simple and speedy.

She’s striking: it’s truly unbelievable what this warrior can do. She knows my favorites and anticipates what I’ll want next. Then, she gets it into my hands with one mouse click and (at most) two days’ time.

But underlying her ability to perform her task so beautifully? A female brain: organized, logical, and on top of every detail. And, in true Amazon warrior fashion, she wasn’t afraid to remind me.

Sure, Amazon lets you know through this commercial that they are anticipating the latest and greatest technology, and plants the seed that if anyone could do it, they could. But even more strikingly, they’re reminding you that they have already perfected their craft.

The most telling piece of this ad is not at 0:33 when the product is loaded into the drone, but everything before that. Here, Amazon gives us a sneak peak at what makes drone delivery possible. It just so happens to also make 10-day, 7-day, 2-day and 1-day delivery possible. It doesn’t matter whether the product leaving the warehouse gets on a drone, a truck, or a donkey. What matters is how quickly and accurately it left the warehouse. They’ll do it right in the future, because they’re doing it right now.

And so Amazon has reminded us of their core, and in so doing reminded us to never forget ours. Despite where your brand goes, knowing its core and sticking to it no matter what will help you go a long way….maybe all the way down the Amazon river.