FVM welcomes Christiana “Vex” Del Vecchio!

By Karen Murphy | January 21, 2015

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Karen Murphy

VP, Client Services

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Karen Murphy

VP, Client Services

After years of managing top accounts, Karen now leads the charge on strategic media planning and campaigns. One of our most studious FVMers, she devours webinars and whitepapers on a daily basis to deliver a fresh perspective on all things marketing. With three sons, a husband, and five nephews, she spends the rest of her time happily outnumbered by boys.

Hours of client research completed:whatever number comes after an octillion

# of conclusions jumped to:0.00

Honor-bound duties:understand client needs, finish leftovers

Only thing holding hair at bay:Aussie Sprunch spray

Care instructions:requires direct sunlight, frequent watering

Meet Christiana, our new Junior Graphic Designer!

Whether she’s carving her way down the slopes of Bear Mountain or photographing architecture from Philly sidewalks, Christiana is all about clean lines and cutting edge. This Art Institute of Philadelphia grad freelanced her way through college, taking on branding, illustration, editorial and product design work for clients such as Di Bruno Bros and the University of Penn Law School. Christiana is now applying her design sensibilities to web, print and everything in between as part of our close-knit creative team, while harboring a healthy/unhealthy obsession for Kevin Spacey.

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