Getting sentimental with interactive video

By Karen Murphy | January 11, 2015

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Karen Murphy

VP, Client Services

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Karen Murphy

VP, Client Services

After years of managing top accounts, Karen now leads the charge on strategic media planning and campaigns. One of our most studious FVMers, she devours webinars and whitepapers on a daily basis to deliver a fresh perspective on all things marketing. With three sons, a husband, and five nephews, she spends the rest of her time happily outnumbered by boys.

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Attention spans are decreasing at an alarming rate. Not only does your content need to pique interest and attract visitors; it has to keep them hooked, too. With Web 2.0 came the advent of amazing new interactive tools for marketers to reach audiences, and videos are no exception. It’s not enough to be the visually stimulating alternative to boring old text anymore, video has to promise a payoff and offer a reason to stay.

Enter the folks at Rapt Media, who have created something awesome. Their platform allows users to easily create interactive videos with a smart and simple interface. And it even has SEO capabilities baked right in. Check out how they were able to help Deloitte gamify their recruiting process with a slickly designed video that plays out like one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books from when you were a kid.

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Interactive videos aren’t necessarily new; clickable links and embedded popups are common across the web, especially on sites like YouTube and Vimeo. What Rapt has done is produce interactive videos that demand viewer attention. That’s why they can tout longer user engagement and higher CTRs.

So how does it all work? Rapt’s platform is simple yet elegant in its design.


An interactive layer is placed over the main video with clickable hotspots linking to other clips at strategic points. This allows marketers to create videos with multiple outcomes, depending on a viewer’s preference. The result is almost like a built-in A/B test (or A/B/C/D…) showing which path each user took.

Brand sentiment has become an increasingly important aspect of digital marketing. The ability to understand an audience at a granular level is invaluable to marketers. So building rich, interactive videos that hold viewer attention and demand genuine engagement is no small thing, and worth our attention.

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