Spreading joy with the Memory Project

By Alex Chapin | January 4, 2019

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Alexandra Chapin

Senior Account Executive

Originally from the tiny town of Berwick, PA, Alex brings a broad knowledge of marketing to support some of FVM’s biggest clients. The Drexel grad uses her razor-sharp communication and organization skills to keep messages moving and projects pushing forward. When she’s not color-coding her closet or planning her next cross-country road trip, Alex is soaking in everything Philly has to offer — one cheesesteak and Flyers game at a time.


Cheesesteak of choice: Jim’s Steaks, whiz wit

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Secret weapon: Homemade banana nut bread

This holiday season FVM wanted to take the time to think of those in the world who are less fortunate and send some love and good cheer their way, which led us to get involved with the Memory Project.

The Memory Project is a charitable nonprofit that invites teachers, students, and solo artists to help cultivate global kindness by creating portraits for children around the world who have faced substantial challenges, such as violence, war, extreme poverty, neglect, and loss of parents. These portraits are not only a gift to the children, but they’re a way that helps them feel valued and important.

So after being paired with a group of young children from a town in Bogotá, Colombia, we got straight to work with our paint brushes… only to discover that however creative we are as an agency, most of us don’t have an artistic bone in our body. Thankfully our talented Art Director, Aaron, came to the rescue with an impromptu Bob Ross-style class that whipped us into shape and helped us do justice to the adorable, smiling kids in the photographs.

Here’s a video of the children putting on a performance and receiving their portraits just before the holidays.

If you or your organization would like to get involved with this great cause, just head on over to https://www.memoryproject.org/ and get started today.