How do you turn the complex into a simple solution?

TandD — Awareness campaign

Project: Awareness campaign

Industry: Data Management

Client: TandD Corporation

Categories: AdvertisingDigitalMediaPrintVideo

If there’s something all professionals get tripped up by, it’s America’s complex regulatory systems. So when Japan-based data management company TandD Foods wanted to expand its U.S. market, FVM used a powerfully simple approach to differentiate them from the competition. Rather than the industry norm of focusing on the product, we highlighted TandD’s solution: the easiest way to monitor and report the temperature of perishable food.

The food quality assurance market is a flood of complicated product specifics and generic messaging. Through striking visuals and focused messaging, we helped TandD stand out as an astonishingly simple way to maintain compliance and keep perishable food safe.


FVM’s engaging motion graphics video illustrated how TandD solves all aspects of monitoring and recording food preparation, transportation, storage and service. This was a solution that anyone could understand, even people who weren’t normally good at cutting through red tape.