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Our new space


Walls are down. Carpets are up. There are people with paintbrushes walking around on stilts. Some are lying on the floor. The air is thick with fumes and filled with the sound of drilling. As work encroaches, we’re having to find “desk buddies.” Yuk. There’s no running water and, more seriously, the coffee machine has been […]

FVM welcomes Christiana “Vex” Del Vecchio!


Meet Christiana, our new Junior Graphic Designer! Whether she’s carving her way down the slopes of Bear Mountain or photographing architecture from Philly sidewalks, Christiana is all about clean lines and cutting edge. This Art Institute of Philadelphia grad freelanced her way through college, taking on branding, illustration, editorial and product design work for clients […]

Cradles to Crayons


With the holidays approaching, we decided to break from the traditional FVM festive quiz and do something a little a different. We closed our MacBooks and caravanned down to Cradles to Crayons in Conshohocken. Cradles to Crayons helps individuals and businesses to get hands on with clothing collections, fundraisers or working in their warehouses, and […]

FVM scores four new clients


Building on another year of sustained growth, we’re excited to have added four new clients to our roster! Investment management software company, Market Street Advisors; technology services provider, Arraya Solutions; and repurchase obligation software firm, ESOP Economics join an already diverse and burgeoning client list; while the Perinatal Research Consortium has signed on as a […]

FVM Friday Factoids: Alex Pickel!


FFF asks all the questions you didn’t need to know the answers to, one FVMer at a time. This time, our Director of Client Services, Alex. She’s the mother of Bailey dog and Macy dog, and daily asker of the question: “Guys: what are you having for dinner tonight?” One woman. Eight questions. Go! 1. […]

Spark of Digital:

Getting sentimental with interactive video


Attention spans are decreasing at an alarming rate. Not only does your content need to pique interest and attract visitors; it has to keep them hooked, too. With Web 2.0 came the advent of amazing new interactive tools for marketers to reach audiences, and videos are no exception. It’s not enough to be the visually stimulating […]

The “Forgotten Few”: 3 key elements to video marketing ROI


There has always been a lot of “good stuff” out there. When I first joined the video production scene a few years ago, I looked at what others were doing and was attracted to the beautifully designed videos with high-end production, all brought to life with seemingly-expensive animation, blends of talking-head and technical graphics, expert […]

Does your B2B brand have personality?


If your organization magically transformed into a person, what would he or she be like? Would they be the kind of person you’d like to go out for coffee with? Would they be helpful or interesting? Would you trust the things they said?   It may seem odd to think of your company as a […]

FVM Friday Factoids: Andy Sproule!


Welcome to our new regular feature! FFF asks all the questions you didn’t need to know the answers to, one FVMer at a time. First up, our Production Manager, Andy. He’s the current FVM foosball champion, the tallest man in advertising (by the height of his hair) and a collector of nice shoes. One man. […]

Spark of Design:

I know your type


Can you instantly spot the difference between Helvetica and Arial? Do you know your transitional serifs from your didones? Do you feel a slight twinge of pain when someone says “font” instead of “typeface”? If the answer’s no, then you probably work in client services. But to designers, this stuff’s important. Type is vital in grabbing […]

Taking the fall (internship): Amanda!


Have you ever met a Lilly Pulitzer-loving, globetrotting, Duke-basketball-nut? Now you have! Say hello to our newest intern, Amanda Lang. Keen to get stuck into all things FVM, the Elon University Communications graduate will gain a bucket-load of experience across branding, strategy, creative, advertising and media. Together with tons of other cool stuff, Amanda will […]

Cross-browser testing: how to live with Internet Explorer


Ask a group of web designers what they think of Internet Explorer and you’ll get a fair share of groans. Most will grumble about CSS hacks and quasi-transparency support, and the rest will make hilarious jokes like “Internet Explorer is only good for downloading other browsers.” What’s really at the heart of all this hostility—to a […]

Fantasy football head-to-head: Yahoo! vs ESPN


Football season is once again upon us, and Fantasy fanatics across America are dreaming of December domination over friends, family and colleagues. Yes, there’s tons of talk about Manning vs Brees, McCoy vs Charles, and Megatron vs Demaryius, but at FVM HQ, we’ve been debating a different sort of match-up: Yahoo! vs ESPN. The technology, the […]

The art of illustration in web design


I’ve always tried to be an individualist when it comes to design. From the 3-year-old child who drew a giant fish on our family rug while no one was watching, right through to my current status as grey-haired designer, the greatest outlet for this expression of independent thought has been illustration. For me, the written […]

Some humbling stats about banner ads


I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve clicked on banner ads in the past year. That is to say, once. If you asked me how many times I’ve clicked on them in the 24 years before that (16 of which have been spent on the internet), that number doesn’t change. And […]

Racing aces hit the road for charity


CEO Paul Fleming and Director of Branding & Research Alex Pickel are pulling on their FVM colors and gearing up for a summer of charity bike races. The cycling speedsters will power their way to a total of 230 miles across PA and New Jersey in support of some of their favorite causes. Paul takes […]

Programmatic media buying for B2B: the pros and cons


Not a day goes by that I don’t receive an eNewsletter, LinkedIn discussion or webinar invitation about programmatic media buying – a form of digital advertising that is processed by machines, rather than humans, to put it simply. It’s everywhere: A recent study by Winterberry Group found that of 260 executive-level marketers, 91% expect to engage […]

FVM wins BMA B2 award


FVM’s Choose My Future email nurturing campaign has been recognized with an ‘Award of Excellence’ in the renowned BMA B2 Awards! Choose My Future, on behalf of the Office of Catholic Education (OCE), promoted the 17 Catholic High Schools in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to 7th & 8th grade students, with the ultimate goal of engaging […]

Email marketing and the numbers you can count on


There’s a piece of paper I keep pinned at my desk. It’s filled with numbers, stats to be precise, and serves as a daily reminder that email marketing is a powerful tool. One that should be at the heart of every suitable strategic campaign, integrated as a conversation tool in nurturing customers. The rise of […]

World Cup ads: 10 of the best


The wait is over. It’s been 1432 days. 32 teams-worth of 736 players have descended on Brazil for 64 games of soccer to determine who will take that one golden prize. World Cup 2014 will play out to a global audience of over 3.2 billion for four whole weeks, so it’s no wonder that over […]

Real branding from a fictional world


As brands become an ever more prevalent aspect of our cultural landscape, works of present-day fiction demand increasingly well-crafted identities and applications for the imaginary commercial ventures that populate those worlds. Fictional brands are an interest of mine (as comedian George Carlin said, “hobbies cost money; interests are quite free”), and from time to time […]

Keeping things ‘Real Simple’


I love Real Simple magazine. It’s the only magazine I find myself reading cover-to-cover each month. The recipes, photos, articles, layout. It all just…works for me. I’m constantly seeing things I like, whether its a new recipe, a book to check out, a cool conversation-starter stat, or a gift for a friend’s upcoming birthday. My current method […]

User experience and the iPhone


I have a little secret to admit. I really, really, really, really hate how people organize their smartphones. Take a look at someone’s phone nowadays and it’s screen after screen after screen of app icons, usually with no logic in place as to how they’re organized or arranged. As someone who has an eye towards UX, […]

A day at St. Lucy’s School


Two weeks ago, Gina and Chelsea took a trip to St. Lucy’s School for Children with Visual Impairments and Archbishop Ryan Academy for the Deaf. The OCE asked us to redo St. Lucy’s website, and we thought some new pictures would help flesh it out. The morning of the shoot, Gina decided it would be a good […]