How FVM builds better brands

(and why we never do it the same way twice)

When we tell our clients their brands are unique, we mean it. And when we say we’re ready to distill their value into a completely customized brand strategy, odds are we’ve already begun digging.

That’s because it’s our job to become experts in who you are, what you offer, and why your target audience should care. So we listen closely to everyone involved in your business (including the competition) to define a position and marketing strategy that live and breathe with your brand.

What does our adaptive approach mean for you?

Develop smarter campaigns to launch products and generate leads. Get deeper insight into where your marketing is working, then drive decision-makers to content they care about. With a more flexible approach, FVM can better position and polish your brand — arming you to outpace and outsell the competition.

Some agencies have niches. We prefer to keep exploring.

We weren’t always experts in marketing for technology, software, IT services, telecom, specialty chemicals, professional services, manufacturing or education. But Paul Fleming (the F) and Laurie Van Metre (the VM) founded this agency on principles of curiosity and passion for the work our B2B clients do.

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